25 Days Of Christmas Music 2018: Day 17

Hi, Everybody!!!  Welcome back to the countdown.

I follow a lot of unbelievably talented & creative women on Instagram, and since their pictures are so beautiful, I wanted to share a few with you.

real simple pic.JPG Photo courtesy of Debi @realsimplestyle

This one is from Debi Cook Rosin @realsimplestyle.   It may be simple to use her description, but I love the rustic elegance of it.  It is true authentic farmhouse style, not the staged type you can buy at a store.  That look is fine if that is what you want, but I prefer the real thing.  And Debi’s style reflects it so beautifully.  Her IG feed is lovely, so if you like this type of decor, give her page a look.  And thank you, Debi, for letting me share your beautiful photo!!!

Today’s song is by another New Jersey legend.  This one did it all.  He sang, wrote songs, acted, was a Las Vegas showman and went on to become and remain an iconic figure in American pop culture.  One critic labeled him the greatest singer of the 20th century.  I imagine all that led to him becoming Chairman of the Board.

He co-wrote today’s song  with his longtime musical associate Hank Sanicola & Dok Stanford in 1957.  Francis Albert Sinatra, we lost you 20 years ago, but we still miss you.  Ti vogliamo bene.  Buon Natale.


Frank Sinatra:  “Mistletoe and Holly” (1957).

The link above is to a live version showing Frank singing a shorter version of the song.  For the entire song, here is the full studio version.

I do not own the rights to anything.  I am just sharing some things that I love with you  🙂

What are some of your favorite Christmas songs?

Until next time, happy listening!!!


Christmas Song Of The Day #3

Hello, Vixens!!!  How are all of you lovelies today?  I hope you are all taking the time to pamper yourselves  a little each day while you rush around to accomplish all the items on your to do list.  If not, why not take a moment now to do so with a great Christmas song?


Source:  klapon.com

Did you know that today would have been Francis Albert “Frank” Sinatra’s 100th birthday?  However you think of him, whether as Ole Blue Eyes, the Chairman of the Board, as a member of the Rat Pack, an actor, a crooner, the other singer from New Jersey (OK, maybe that’s just me), Nancy’s dad or just Frank, his voice and legacy are undeniably a part of American culture that is unsurpassed.

One of my all time favorite Christmas songs is “Oh Come All Ye Faithful” and Sinatra’s take on it, with a beautiful choir accompanying him and released under its original Latin title-“Adeste Fideles“-is beautiful.



Source:  Sinatra.com